About Us

PanicPods.com is a web property and DBA business with offices in Largo, Florida.  PanicPods.com is owned by Florida corporation Bizmaker Domains, Inc. in partnership with Security Development Corp.  PanicPods.com specializes in a very focused field of Panic Room and Safe Room construction and sales. 

The Company has plans to develop an extended line of home and business Panic Pods, as well as continuing to represent the current products. By late-fall 2011, the Company plans to introduce a dealer program for sales and marketing of its company owned product line.

Security Development Corp represents Child Shield USA as an Executive Affiliate. Child Shield USA is one of the best programs in America for child safety education and missing children recovery.

The Company also has an extended line of personal and vehicle GPS products.


A Bizmaker Domains, Inc Property in Partnership with
Security Development Corp